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Virtual Health puts a pediatrician in your pocket 24/7

Comfort for your little one is just a click away.

Fevers and tummy aches don’t care what time it is. And being a parent is an around-the-clock job. So, it’s important to have access to care when your family needs it. Experienced board-certified pediatricians are always on call—virtually, providing 24/7 peace-of-mind and expert advice for parents for when you can’t get to the doctor’s office.

Less stress for parents

If your child doesn’t feel well, they may not be able to tell you—but as a parent, you just know. When they won’t stop crying or are running a fever, you may not know what to do. That’s why Virtual Health is available to our members. In 10 minutes or less, board-certified pediatricians are ready to answer your questions about your child’s health.
Sometimes it is hard to make decisions when you are worried. Virtual Health visits help parents know when it is best to seek emergency care or when it can wait.

A cure for the waiting room

Virtual Health provides more than convenience and comfort for parents. It also lets you avoid the waiting room. Virtual visits give parents another way to provide care within the safety of their home. When your child is ill, the waiting room is the last place you want to be.

Many parents also want to limit exposure in public. It lets parents avoid germs and crowded spaces for nonemergency care—just another one of Virtual Health’s many benefits.

A powerful tool for parents

Expert advice anytime and anywhere—whether in the middle of the night, at home or on the go. Virtual visits with board-certified, tenured pediatricians give parents another option when it comes to accessing expert care.
Power up your parenting game plan for those unexpected challenges. It only takes a moment to put the pediatrician at your side.

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